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Name Lawrence, Thomas

Associated Records

HL040 - Hugh Savage Est

Hugh Savage Est Part of same 285 Acre Trust which was owned by Thomas Lawrence in 1707, and also being a part of ground owned by Joseph Powell in 1783. Abraham Free bought this property under two deeds from Joseph Powell, one dated December 28, 1795 and the other dated March 18, 1811. Abraham Free died July 31, 1839 devised by will all his real estate to his wife for life with remainder to a son, David and a daughter, Sarah, his wife died on December 4, 1843, and the son died intestate on June 7, 1852, leaving title in Sarah Free, Sarah Free sold to Hugh Savage on March 21, 1878. Title still remains in his name. (In 1993 Westgate Hills)

Image of HL076 - The Homestead

HL076 - The Homestead

The Homestead- Historic American Buildings Inventory Location Description Sources

Image of LW011 - Supplies

LW011 - Supplies

imgFile1161Thomas LawrenceReceiptsupplies,pepper, cinnamon, vest patterm, cloth and buttonsHMP Lawrence12/17/1824

Image of LW012 - Supplies

LW012 - Supplies

imgFile1149a & 1149b Thomas LawrenceReceipt Upper Darbysupplies - nails, brads, salt, brush, combHMP Lawrence12/11/1824

Image of LW013 - Receipt for work completed

LW013 - Receipt for work completed

imgFile1156Thomas LawrenceReceiptwork days Original signature Adam Litzenberg3/13/1824

Image of LW014 - Supplies

LW014 - Supplies

imgFile1481Thomas LawrenceReceipt Supplies nails, chains, shoes, harrow teeth, plow irons original signatureThomas Williamson4/10/1822-6/20/1822

Image of LW016 - Lumber

LW016 - Lumber

imgFile1159Reece HaycockWest Philadelphia ReceiptLumberJoseph Sheen6/4/1823

Image of LW017 - Receipt for Fabric and Pattern

LW017 - Receipt for Fabric and Pattern

img File1155Thomas LawrenceReceipt Upper Darby gossimer & PatternHMP Lawrence10/11/1823

Image of LW018 - Receipt for Fabric and Pattern

LW018 - Receipt for Fabric and Pattern

img File1158Thomas LawrenceReceiptwork days Thomas Danley3/13/1824

LW019 - Smithing

img File1160Thomas LawrenceReceiptSmithing Thomas Williamson8/8/1825

Image of LW020 - Supplies

LW020 - Supplies

img File1207Thomas LawrenceReceipt supplies = nails, tea, molasses, vinegar, hinges HMP Lawrence4/1/1825Upper Darby

Image of LW021 - Supplies

LW021 - Supplies

img File1208Thomas LawrenceReceipt supplies - apples, sugar, tea, muslin HMP LawrenceHMP Lawrence6/18/1825

Image of LW022 - Supplies - Cloth

LW022 - Supplies - Cloth

img File1313Mary Ann LawrenceReceiptCloth Tagert & Lillors11/26/1825

Image of LW023 - Quarrying Stone

LW023 - Quarrying Stone

img File1210Thomas D. LawrenceReceipt Quarrying stone and Boarding Original Signature Adam Litzenberg4/7/1823

Image of LW024 - Receipt for Cloth and supplies

LW024 - Receipt for Cloth and supplies

img File1209Thomas D. Lawrence ReceiptCloth, shoes, muslin, thread, cashimere HMP Lawrence1824

Image of LW025 - Receipt for food and supplies

LW025 - Receipt for food and supplies

img File1206Thomas LawrenceReceipt supplies = molasses, nails, apples, ginger, allspice, pepper, soap HMP Lawrence6/18/1825Upper Darby

Image of LW027 - Receipt for Work

LW027 - Receipt for Work

imgFile1292Thomas LawrenceReceiptWork Adam Litzenberg3/13/1824

Image of LW028 - Receipt for Lumber

LW028 - Receipt for Lumber

imgFile1298Thomas LawrenceReceiptLumber Rich Hugh McIlvain1824-1825

Image of LW029 - Receipt for A Litzenberg

LW029 - Receipt for A Litzenberg

imgFile1293Thomas D. LawrenceReceipt WorkA Litzenberg signed HMP Lawrence6/2/1826Upper Darby

Image of LW030 - Receipt for Lumber

LW030 - Receipt for Lumber

imgFile1227Thomas LawrenceReceiptLumber Joseph S Keen6/29/1824